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Names and e-mail addresses

Names and e-mail addresses


RWTHmoodle automatically obtains the names and E-mail addresses of its users from Identity Management following certain rules.

Only users whose e-mail address is coming from Selfservice can change the address themselves.

For info on the visibilty of names and e-mail adresses for different groups of people in the course room, please read the manual for Visibility of names and e-mail addresses.


The following table shows the rules for getting the data:


Employees with

   student status (excluding Ph.D.-program)   

   Employees with student status   


Employees without

student status

Persons without employee

or student status

   RWTH e-mail address   

RWTH e-mail addressinstitute e-mail address   institute e-mail address      Contact e-mail address from Selfservice   

In order that the official institute e-mail address can further be used, the user (eg. ab123456) has to have a so-called TIM-CAMPUS coupling. This means that the username is connected to the CAMPUS organization directory.

If a TIM-CAMPUS coupling exists for you, can be checked in the Selfservice of RWTH Aachen University as follows:

  • Log in to the selfservice with your user name (eg. ab123456) and your central password.
  • Go to the “RWTH data” tab.
  • If there is a TIM-CAMPUS coupling, a blue rectangle next to “CAMPUS entries” will show up.

If you do not have a TIM-CAMPUS coupling, the contact e-mail address from the Selfservice will be used. To get a TIM-CAMPUS coupling, please contact your organizational unit.


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