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Using LaTeX for mathematical formulas and equations

Using LaTeX for mathematical formulas and equations


RWTHmoodle allows the graphical representation of mathematical formulas and equations written in LaTeX or MathML. For this purpose, RWTHmoodle uses "MathJax ", a JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers.


Users can write formulas and equations in LaTeX wherever a Moodle editor is available. In order for the LaTeX part to be recognized and rendered as graphics, delimiters are needed to separate the LaTeX part from the rest of the text. You can use the following delimiters in RWTHmoodle:

  • \(...\) for in-line math
  • \[...\] as well as $$...$$ for displayed equations

You can find more detailed information on how to use TeX in Moodle in this manual on Using TeX Notation.

The use of MathJax plays a role in electronic self-tests in particular, in order to be able to map formulas. Here, the STACK question type offers a wide range of options for mapping mathematical tasks and providing targeted feedback. This uses the computer algebra system Maxima. RWTHmoodle uses the following versions for the various software packages:

Software packageImplemented version


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