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Level Up

Level Up


The block Level up! allows teachers to give students experience points for actions in the course room. For example, points can be awarded for writing a forum post, for submitting a solution to an assignment, for creating a database or glossary entry, and much more. The actions and events for which points are awarded are defined through rules.

Students can thus gain experience points through course room activities and, if they have enough points, they can move on to the next level. An anonymous ranking list shows how good they are in relation to the other course participants, how many points they have already collected, and their progress.

The aim of Level Up! is to use gamification elements such as collecting points, reaching levels, and ranking lists to increase the motivation of the students to interact with the learning content and to become active in the course room.

To model learning paths, Level Up! provides the ability to restrict access to selected course content until users reach a specific Level Up! level.


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last changed on 01/13/2023

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