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Manage "My courses"

Manage "My courses"


Course rooms can be individually shown and hidden on the dashboard under "My Courses".


After logging in to RWTHmoodle, users access the dashboard. The dashboard shows the course rooms for which the user is authorized. With a click on the desired course room title, the room can be entered.

Users also have the option to filter the list of displayed course rooms by semester or to hide and show individual course rooms.


1. Show or hide course rooms by semester

Course rooms are usually requested via RWTHonline and are then assigned to a specific semester (e.g. summer semester 2019). In addition to course rooms that are requested via RWTHonline, RWTHmoodle also contains course rooms without a connection to RWTHonline and thus without a link to a certain semester.

Users can filter the displayed course rooms according to a semester. To do this, click on the drop-down menu under "Semester" on the dashboard and select the desired semester. Only those course rooms from the desired semester will then be displayed in the course room list.

If you want to display all course rooms without semester binding, select "Miscellaneous" in the drop-down menu.

To display all course rooms for which you are authorized - regardless of the semester - select "All" in the drop-down menu.

Screenshot: List of courses in the moodle


2. Show or hide course rooms individually

In addition to filtering by semester, users also have the option to show or hide individual course rooms.

Hide a course room by dragging the slider to the left next to the course title. You can then see how many of your courses are hidden under the course list.

Screenshot: Show/ hide the courses

To show course rooms again, click on "Manage hidden courses" under the course room list.

You will now also see the hidden course rooms. To show them again on your regular course list, move the slider of a course to the right again.

Screenshot: Show/ hide the courses slider

Then click on " Stop managing hidden courses".


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