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Register attendance (Lecturers)

Register attendance (Lecturers)




1. Record attendance for the first time
2. Change attendance/record other attendances
3. Record attendance via CSV import


The recording of attendance for a session starts in the session overview in the "Sessions" tab.

1. Record attendance for the first time

  1. In order to enter the presences and absences for an session for the first time as a manager or alternatively to upload them via CSV, click on the triangle symbol for the corresponding session.
  2. In the table that opens, you can set the attendance status separately for each participant according to the defined attendance categories. By default these are:
    P - Present
    L - Late
    E - Excused
    A - Absent

    If you want to use other or additional presence categories than the ones defined by default, you can make the necessary adjustments in the Status catalog. You can also change the attendance categories after you have already set status values.
  3. Optionally, you can also add remarks to the attendances. Student recordings are added by default with the remark "self-recorded".
  4. Finally, click on "Save attendance" to complete the recording.

2. Change attendance/Record other attendances

  1. Attendances already recorded for a session can be changed or additional attendances recorded by clicking on the green arrow icon in the session overview.
  2. An attendance status that has already been set can be subsequently corrected at any time, even after the deadline has expired. It is irrelevant whether the status to be corrected was set by you or by a student.

3. Record attendance via CSV import

You can also record attendance offline in a CSV file and import it later. The CSV file must contain the columns last name, first name, registration number and status. The status field can contain either the status abbreviation (for example P,L,E,A) or the time of the user's attendance (for example 01.01.1970 8:00). However, these two variants cannot be mixed in one file. When a timestamp is imported, the system tries to assign the highest available status value to it.

  1. In the session overview, click the icon for recording attendance.
  2. In the table for recording attendance, click "Upload attendance by CSV".
  3. Load the file into the upload field and select the appropriate character encoding as well as the appropriate separator. For a German Excel program this is a semicolon, for an English one a comma.
  4. Go to the next step with "Upload attendance by CSV".
  5. After that, the have to make some assignments.
    1. For "External user field", select the column in your CSV file that contains the student's registration number.
    2. For "Moodle user field", select the "Registration number" option.
    3. Either assign "Scan time" to the CSV column with the registered times or assign "Status field" to the column with the status information.
  6. With "Upload attendance by CSV" you start the import. After successful import, you will receive confirmation that data for the session has been updated.


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