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Add Wiki activity

Add Wiki activity


In general, a wiki is a collection of collaboratively created web pages. A well-known wiki is Wikipedia.

In a wiki, each individual wiki page represents a web page that can be edited directly in the browser window by anyone without knowledge of the HTML markup language. A wiki starts with a home page. Each author can add more pages to the wiki. All that is needed is a link to a page that does not yet exist.

In RWTHmoodle there is an activity Wiki. With this activity you can enable collaborative work on texts: Students can collaboratively create, extend and modify the content of wiki pages. Old versions are never deleted and can be restored at any time. Alternatively, as a manager, you can provide everyone in the course with their own wiki.


1. Create Wiki 

This tutorial describes how to create a wiki.

  1. Switch the course room to edit mode using the "Edit mode" slider next to your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on "Add activity or resources" in the section where you want the wiki to be visible.
  3. Under "Activity", select the option "Wiki".
  4. Click on "Add" to create the wiki. You will be automatically redirected to the settings page to configure it.

2. Configure Wiki 

2.1. General settings

  • Wiki name - Give your wiki a unique and meaningful name. This name will appear on the course page.
  • Description - In this text area you have enough space to explain the intention of your wiki to the participants. You can also provide important information on how to use the wiki (syntax, rules, etc.).
  • Display description on course page - If you check this box, the above wiki description will be displayed directly in the course room.
  • Wiki Mode - Use this setting to specify whether the wiki is shared by all students in the course (Collaborative Wiki option) or whether everyone maintains their own wiki (Personal Wiki option).
  • First page name - Give the home page of your wiki a title or heading here. 


The name of the first page cannot be changed afterward.

2.2. Format

  • Default format - With this setting, you determine in which format each new wiki page will be created by default. This value can be overridden when creating a new wiki page. The format of a wiki page determines which syntax to use when writing. The following options are available:
    • HTML - the wiki page can be created using Moodle's internal HTML editor.
    • Creole - This is a special markup language for wikis. See The wiki pages are created in Creole syntax.
    • NWiki - this is another markup language for wikis. The wiki pages are created in NWiki syntax.
  • Force format - if you check this box, then the above setting Default format applies to all pages of the wiki and cannot be changed for individual wiki pages.

2.3. Common module settings

  • Availability - Select whether the wiki should be immediately displayed to students or hidden from them.
  • ID Number - The ID number for the wiki is used to assign a designation that can be used in the Grades section when calculating overall grades. If Wiki is not needed to determine grades, the field can be left blank.
  • Group Mode - There are three different settings for group mode: No groups - Separate groups - Visible groups.
  • Grouping - A grouping is a collection of groups. If the availability of the wiki is restricted to group members, only students in the groups that are in the selected grouping will be able to edit the wiki. The group settings must be set to separate or visible groups.

2.4. Restrict access

With these settings, you can link the visibility and availability of wikis for students to certain conditions. In general, read the article restricting access.

2.5. Activity Completion

With these settings, you define criteria or conditions when an activity is considered completed (i.e.: successfully processed). For detailed information, see the article activity completion settings.


2.6. Save

Clicking on "Save and go to course" will return you to the course page. 


2.7. Notification about content change

The settings for the activities can be reached after creating them within the activity via the central menu navigation. Here you will find activity-specific settings and you can also save the activity directly individually.

If you subsequently make changes to the settings, activate the checkbox "Send notification of content change" to inform all participants about the new or changed activity. All participants who can access the activity receive the notification.


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