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Badge detail view and optional settings

Badge detail view and optional settings


The detailed view of a badge bundles all information about your badge. In addition to the basic settings described in the manual Create Badges, you can also make further optional settings for badges here. You can write messages for the recipients, view the list of recipients and award badges to them, assign badges to each other and link them to each other, and link badges to skills that were acquired when the badge was earned.



1. Call detailed view
2. Message
3. Recipients
4. Endorsement
5. Related badges
6. Alignments


1. Call detailed view

To open the detailed view of a badge, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "More" in the center menu. In the selection that opens, click "Badges".
  2. Now select "Manage badges".                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. This will take you to the badges overview. Click here on the name of the badge whose details you want to view.
  4. The detailed view of a badge is divided into various tabs that display information about the badge and allow various settings that go beyond the basic configuration. The "Overview" tab contains basic information about the badge.

Below we present the most important additional settings for badges that you can optionally select.

2. Message

The "Message" tab allows you to compose a message that the badge recipients will receive when they purchase the badge.

1. Select an appropriate subject line and message text for the message.

2. Then, as in the example, you can enable the badge to be attached to the message. If you remove the checkmark by clicking on the field, the option will be disabled.

3. Optionally, the person who created the badge can also be notified.

4. Then click on "Save changes".


2. Recipients

The "Recipients" tab allows you to view how many students have received the badge. Since our example badge has not currently been awarded, we get this view:


3. Endorsement

The "Endorsement" option can be used to increase the significance of a badge, for example by having it awarded by a higher-level institution instead of by an individual. The data of the institution or the individual can be entered under "Issuer details".


4. Related badges

If you have created several badges, you can make an assignment to other badges here. Students can see this thematic assignment when they receive a badge. For example, you can link all badges to activity completions so that students can later see which "activity badges" they have achieved. This can also serve as motivation to keep working hard to earn the other badges.

1. Click "Assign badges" to assign the badges.

2. Then you can select one or more badges.

3. Then click on "Save changes".

4. Then you can see an overview of the badges you have assigned to your badge.


5. Alignments

If you want to add external skills or standards for the badge, select the "Alignments" tab and then the "Add external skill or standard" button. This will allow students to see what skills they have gained by earning the badge.



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