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Creating WebVTT files for captions or chapters

Creating WebVTT files for captions or chapters


WebVTT files are small text files that contain metadata synchronized with audio or video content. For example, the files contain information about which subtitles should be displayed in a given time period when the video is playing, or where a new chapter begins.

WebVTT files can easily be created in a text editor (e.g. Windows: Notepad, Mac: TextEdit). The file extension must be set manually to .vtt when saving. If you want to create WebVTT files for Camtasia screencast videos, see the instruction Share Camtasia videos with chapter track.


Create WebVTT files

A WebVTT file with subtitles or chapter markers can be easily created with a text file. The easiest way to do this is, for example, with the Windows editor "Notepad" or on Mac devices via the program "TextEdit". The file extension must be set to .vtt manually when saving. Here is a list of tutorials for creating such files:

Information on barrier-free subtitle design and free software for creating subtitles can be found on the website of the project "BIK for All".

A finished file looks like this as an example:


WEBVTT - An event


00:00:00.000 --> 00:01:16.000
Subject 1

00:01:16.001 --> 00:02:01.000
Topic 2

00:02:02.001 --> 00:04:12.000

Topic 3


Make sure you format your timestamps correctly and use the correct separators: hours:minutes: seconds. milliseconds. Also important are the blank lines between the elements and an additional blank line at the end of the file.


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