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Embedding Youtube videos

Embedding Youtube videos


Videos from the streaming platform YouTube can be embedded in course rooms. The videos can then be played directly in the page.

The embedding can be done anywhere where the editor is available, for example in Pages or Forum posts.

The embedding of the YouTube videos takes place as a two-click solution in compliance with data protection regulations.


Youtube videos can be embedded anywhere where the editor is available, for example in the resources Text field, Page and Book, but also in Forum posts.

We explain the embedding using the example of a forum post, since both managers and students can create them.

  1. Open the forum.
  2. Click on "Add a new discussion topic".
  3. Write your contribution in the editor. At the point where you want the video to appear, click on the button with the video camera icon, "Insert or edit audio/video file".
  4. Select the "Video" tab in the new "Insert Media" window.
  5. Copy the link to the YouTube video that you want to embed. Paste this link into the "Video source URL" input field.
  6. Click on "Insert media".
  7. Click on "Save changes".

The forum post is now saved. When you open the post, the video will appear at the intended position as a preview image with the note "The video will be played via Youtube. You agree to the terms and conditions of Google" and the link to the privacy policy of Youtube. The video will not be loaded and played until you click on the play button. This two-click solution is necessary so that YouTube cannot set cookies when the forum post is loaded.

Screenshot embedded YouTube video in the course room


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