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Editing symbols on the course page

Editing symbols on the course page


If you have switched the course page into editing mode by clicking on the button "Turn editing on" in the upper right corner you will see various icons to edit, move, duplicate, delete, hide, etc. content on the course page.


Screenshot: Symbol to rename - the pencil symbol allows renaming an element directly on the course page.

Screenshot: Symbol to move course elements on the course page - with this move symbol you can move course elements directly with the mouse (Drag&Drop).

Screenshot: Symbol to change the group mode - the group icon allows changing the group mode for an activity with one click: no groups / visible groups / separated groups. The icon is only displayed for those activities that allow using them in group mode.

The drop-down menu "Edit" combines different symbols to edit the corresponding element on your course page:

  • Edit settings - Calls up the settings page of activity or material.
  • Move right/left - Moves the element inwards to the right or outwards to the left.
  • Hide - Makes the item invisible to students.
  • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the item with identical settings.
  • Delete - Removes the element from the course page.

For course sections, the editing options differ slightly.



With the "Hide" function you can control whether an element is visible to students in the course. To link the visibility of an element to conditions such as date, group membership, or achieved grade, use the restrict access function. You will find these in the setting options of an element.


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