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Add Time Slots

Add Time Slots


The Organizer activity enables lecturers to plan and manage appointments, for example, for supervision times, oral examinations or exams. It is created in two steps: first, the Organizer is created, and then time slots are added.


1. Add time slots

After you have created the organizer, you will be prompted to create time slots. For existing organizers, open the organizer and click the "Add new slots" button:

On the "Add new appointment slots" page, you can make the following settings:

1.1. Slot details

  • Teacher - Select the manager responsible for the appointment. If you want students to see which manager they can book a session with, select the checkbox "Manager visible" below the selection list.
  • Visibility of members presetting - Select the visibility settings for the new slots here. The following options are available:
    • Visible - The students in a slot are always visible.
    • Anonymous - The other students in the slot are always hidden from a student.
    • Only visible to slot members - The students in the slot are only visible if you have booked the slot yourself.
    • Location - Specify the location where the session takes place.
  • Location link URL - You can enter a link to reach the location, for example, directions to your institute.
  • Duration - Specify the duration of the event. All specified time slots are divided into slots of this length. Any remaining time from a time slot is not used for appointments.
  • Gap - Determines the interval between two appointments, which can be used for a short break or as a buffer.
  • Max. participants - Determines the maximum number of students that can attend the appointment. In group mode, the maximum number is always limited to one group.
  • Applications possible from * before the appointment - Define the time window in which students can register for a date. Alternatively, mark "Start now".
  • Relative appointment reminder - Define how many days in advance students are reminded of an appointment.

1.2. Generate slots for the data range

You can now create time slots for a selected period.

  • Start Date / End Date - First specify the period for which weekly recurring appointments are to be created. For example, to set appointments for an entire (summer) semester, select 01 April 20XX to 30 September 20XX.
  • Weekday slot X - Now select the desired weekdays and times for which appointment slots are to be available in the period selected above, for example, Tuesdays from 11:00-13:00. Depending on the settings made above in the "Slot Details" under "Duration" and "Gap", slots will be automatically created for each day of the week within the selected period. The organizer will then show you how many appointments have been created in total.


Make sure that the weekly appointments are entered in the format "Weekday, from time" (= start) or "Weekday, to time" (= end). A recurring slot sequence for Tuesdays, 8:00-10:00 would therefore have to be set like this: Tuesday, from 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, to 10:00 a.m.


In the "Comments" field you can add additional notes to the events.


2. Overview Organizer

After saving the new timeslots you will be forwarded to the Slot Overview (manual: Use Organizer). The table shows you all time slots, and all bookings and allows various activities.


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