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Manage Badges

Manage Badges


Managers can not only add new badges, but also manage existing badges. They can edit, copy or delete badges, control access, view the list of badge recipients and - if activated - award badges manually.

More information on badges can be found in General Information on Badges.



1. Overview of existing badges
2. Actions


1. Overview of existing badges

To manage existing badges, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "More" in the center menu bar. In the selection that opens, click "Badges".
  2. Now select "Manage badges".                                                        
  3. An overview opens, in which all badges are listed that you have created.                                                                                                                                                      
  4. The columns of the tabular overview displays the following information:
  • Name - The name of the badge. Clicking on the name opens the "Overview" tab with the overview of the basic settings made for this badge.
  • Status - Indicates whether the badges are currently available to users or not.
  • Criteria - Specifies the criterion for awarding the respective badge, for example, which activities must be completed by which date to receive the badge.
  • Recipients - Displays the number of people who have already received the badge. Clicking on the number will take you to a list of recipients.
  • Actions - The last column enables a number of actions, which are explained in detail below:
    • Disable access 
    • Enable access 
    •  Edit
    • Copy
    •   Delete
    •  Award badge (only available if "manual award" was selected as award criterion)

2. Actions

2.1 Disable / enable access
Click on the eye icon to control access to the badge for participants in the course room. The open eye  indicates that the badge is available for the participants, the closed eye  indicates that the badge is not available. Click on the open eye to change the status to "Disable access", click on the closed eye to "Enable access".


2.2 Edit
If you click on the icon for "Edit", the basic settings of your badge will open. You can now adjust the basic settings. For more information on the basic settings, please refer to the manual General Information on Badges.  



Editing the basic settings can only be done if access is disabled for users and the badge has not yet been awarded.

    5.3 Copy
    Clicking the copy icon  creates a copy of the selected badge and opens its basic settings. These are identical to the basic settings of the original badge and can be adjusted as required. After saving your changes, you will return to the overview.


    5.4 Delete
    1. If you want to delete a badge, click on the icon for "Delete" . The following view will then open: 

    2. If the badge has already been awarded, you have two options:

    • You delete the badge, but keep the already awarded instances of the badge.
    • You delete the badge together with the already awarded instances of the badge.

    3. Confirm your choice by clicking the respective button. Then the deletion will be executed.


    5.5 Award badge

    If "manual award"  is set as an award criterion for a badge, the "award badge"  action is also displayed in the overview.

    1. To award a badge manually, click on the "Award badge" icon . This opens the overview of recipients. 

    2. Here, in the list on the right, select the person who should receive the badge. To select multiple people, hold down the CTRL key (Windows) or the cmd key (Mac) and click the desired names.

    3. Then click on "Award badge". The selected people will now be moved to the left in the list of recipients.

    4. When you later open the badge via the badge overview, the people to whom the badge has already been awarded are listed in the "Recipients" tab.



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