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Student folder

Student folder


The student folder allows students to upload files on their own that are visible to the other students. Delivery files from the "Task" activity can also be made available to everyone at a later time.

Managers can specify whether uploaded files should be visible to all immediately or only after they have been checked by a manager.


Application example

There are two operating modes for the student folder.

  1. Students can upload documents to the student folder on their own. These are available to all other students either immediately or after being checked and approved by managers.
  2. Deliveries from the activity "Task" are synchronized into the student folder. You can use submissions as files or online text input. The submissions will be made available to all students after they have been approved by the manager or by the students who created the submission.


Before publishing submissions, please make sure that either the students in RWTHmoodle can give their permission for release or that you have obtained this permission offline.


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