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Use Scheduler

Use Scheduler


With the activity "Scheduler" students can independently and individually or as a group sign up for offered time slots or be assigned to a free slot by managers. The appointments taken can be optionally evaluated by the lecturers and provided with feedback. Optionally, the booking of an appointment slot can be linked to the simultaneous mandatory submission of a document or a comment.



1. Use scheduler (Manager)
1.1. My Appointments
1.2 Autoschedule
1.3. Manual slot Assignment
1.4 "Overview" tab
1.5 "Statistics" tab
1.6 "Export" tab
2. Use scheduler (Students)
2.1. Attended slots
2.2. Upcoming slots
2.3. Available slots
2.4. Booking in groups


1. Use scheduler (Manager)

The scheduler consists of five tabs in the manager's view:

  1. My appointments
  2. All appointments
  3. Overview
  4. Statistics
  5. Export

1.1. My appointments

Once you have entered all time slots, you will see all dates in the overview. In the column "Students" you can see which students have booked the time slots. If you have selected students manually for an appointment, these students will also be listed in this column.

This picture shows the complete overview of the scheduler.

By clicking on the icons in the "Action" column you have the following options: 

  • Delete icon Delete time slot: Shows the manager's own appointments and can delete the slot with this action
  • Settings icon  Edit time slot: e.g. add comments or add participants manually to the appointment. You can continue to edit the appointment after it is closed and, for example, assign ratings (if activated in the settings) or enter comments.
  • Individual appointment option Group appointment option   Change individual appointment to group appointment (or vice versa):
    • Individual appointment option  The time slot can only be booked by 1 student (single time slot).
    • Group appointment option  Several students can book the time slot (group time slot). To limit the number of participants, click on the gear wheel Settings icon and make the desired settings under "Maximum number of participants per time slot".

      Note: For a "booking in groups" the icon should always be set to the group time slot, otherwise only a booking as an individual and not as a group is possible.
  • Revoke icon Revoke the appointment: All students booked for the time slot will be removed. If the appointment is in the future, the corresponding time slot can then be booked again immediately. If you only want to remove individual students from the appointment for appointments with several participants, click on the gearwheel Settings icon and activate the checkbox next to "Delete this appointment (when the form is saved) for the corresponding participant and then click on "Save changes". 

    Note: Canceling appointments can also remove participants from previous appointments, which may be undesirable. It is then no longer possible to track which appointments were attended by the participants.
  • Marked checkbox Mark student as "Seen": If students have attended an appointment, check the checkbox(es) next to the person(s) name in the "Students" column. Alternatively, you can also mark students as "Seen" by clicking on the gearwheel Settings icon in the appointment sections. 
  • Group icon  Appointment was attended: You as the manager have marked the person(s) in the time slot as "Seen".


Marking participants as "Seen" after the completion of an appointment not only serves to improve the traceability of the time slots taken. If a fixed number of appointments can be booked once, no further bookings can be made if the defined number of appointments has been reached and these appointments have not been marked as "Seen" after their completion! Therefore, when choosing the setting option "at once", make sure to always mark the completions as "Seen" in order not to accidentally prevent further appointment bookings (see section "2.1. Options - Mode" of the Add scheduler manual).

1.2. Autoschedule

If you would like all participants to book at least one appointment, you can randomly assign those participants who have not yet set an appointment to one of the remaining available appointment slots by clicking on "Autoschedule". Alternatively, it is also possible to send an invitation and/or a reminder email.

This picture shows invitation and reminder options for students.


1.3. Manual slot assignment

You can also manually assign an appointment to students.

  1. In the "My Appointments" tab, click "Schedule" after the name of the person to whom you want to assign an appointment.
  2. Then click "Schedule in slot" in the context menu.

    Screenshot: Manual allotment of students
  3. Create a new time slot or select an existing time slot from the Select Existing drop-down menu.

    Screenshot: Manual allotment of students settigns
  4. Then make further settings on the page. If you want to assign the same appointment to several students, add more students by clicking on "Add another student". Then select the appropriate persons.

    Screenshot: Add another students to the same slot
  5. Note that you may need to adjust the "Maximum number of studnts per slot" settings at the top of the page to allow multiple people to be scheduled for the same time slot. 

    Screenshot: Error message for too many participants for the time slot
  6. With a click on "Save changes" the students are registered for the time slot. In this case, manual booking on the part of the students is no longer necessary, but the students can log out of this time slot until managers have marked it as "Seen".

1.4. "Overview" tab

The "Overview" tab provides you with a structured overview of all time slots created in the planner. If you use multiple planners in the learning space, you can also display a summary of their time slots. Comments, feedback (i.e. appointment remarks) and evaluations are each managed as an independent column and their contents are displayed.

Screenshot: Overview tab in the scheduler


1.5. "Statistics" tab

In the Statisic tab, you have the option of displaying comprehensive descriptive statistics on the appointment slots and the booking and participation behavior of the students. For example, you can see summaries of the number of appointments attended and not attended, the size of the groups, the duration of the time slots, and the duration of the appointments for each participant and manager.

1.6. "Export" tab

The "Export" tab allows you to export the time slots and appointments for further processing in a common file format (CSV, XLSX, PDF, HTML, PDF). You can freely compile the data to be exported on the basis of an extensive pre-selection of data fields by activating the checkboxes of the desired data fields with a mouse click.

Screenshot: Export setting


2. Use scheduler (Students)

With the activity "Scheduler" you can independently sign up for offered time slots individually or as a group or be assigned to a free slot by managers. The appointments you attend can optionally be evaluated by your instructor and provided with feedback.

When you call up the scheduler, you are immediately taken to a schedule overview. This is subdivided into:   

  1. Attended slots
  2. Upcoming slots
  3. Available slots

2.1. Attended slots

These are appointments that you have attended and that have subsequently been marked as "Attended" by your instructor. If the appointment has not been marked as such, although you have attended it, it will appear under "Current time slots". By clicking on "See details" 'See details' option to previous time slots you can display further information about the appointment, if available (e.g. uploaded documents, feedback and evaluations).

Screenshots: Attended slots details


2.2. Upcoming slots

These are all appointments for which you have registered and which have been marked as not yet completed. If, for example, you have not attended a booked appointment, it will continue to appear under "Upcomoing slots" unless your manager manually removes this appointment. You cannot remove such past appointments from the overview on your own.

  • If you want to cancel an upcoming appointment, click on "Cancel booking". The time slot you booked will then be released again and appear under "Available slots".
  • If you only want to edit the booking and, for example, revise and re-upload already uploaded documents, click on "Edit booking" instead.

    Screenshots: Upcoming slots list and options

2.3. Available slots

Here you can see all the dates whose time slots you can book. If the number of bookable appointments has been limited by your instructor, you will see a corresponding note above the header indicating the number of time slots that can still be booked.

The "Group session" column tells you whether more than one student may register for an appointment. "No" means that only one person can book the time slot. A group appointment that is not limited to participants is marked with "Yes". If the number of participants is limited for the group appointment, you will see a corresponding indication of the total number and the number of open slots in this appointment slot. By clicking on the arrow icon, you can display the student names for group appointments, provided that bookings have already been made for the appointment in question.

  • If you want to register for an appointment, click on "Book a slot". Depending on the configuration you have made, it is possible that you will already have to submit documents at the time of booking. For more information, please refer to the booking instructions provided by your instructor on the page that now appears. If a document submission is required, you will not be able to complete the booking without it. You will then receive a corresponding note.
  • If, on the other hand, you meet the requirements for appointment registration, confirm the booking by clicking on "Confirm booking". The appointment you selected will then be listed in the "Upcoming slots" section.

    Screenshots: Available slots list and booking options

Screenshots: Booking a slot and upload options


2.4. Booking in groups

If your instructor allows booking in groups, one person registers on behalf of all members of their group. To avoid misunderstandings, all students in a group should agree on which time slot should be booked and which group member makes the registration on behalf of the entire group.

You can recognize the possibility of a group booking by the fact that the available time slots are displayed, but they cannot be booked at first. In order to book them, you must select the desired group for which you want to make the booking in the drop-down list above the "Available time slots" section.

Screenshots: Group booking options

Afterwards, the button "Book a slot" appears for booking the time slots and you can book the desired time slot, provided that your group size does not exceed the number of free places (see column "Group date") in this time slot. After the booking is completed, the names of all group participants will be displayed in the time slot. Group bookings can be cancelled by any group member by clicking on "Cancel booking".

Screenshots: Group booking completed



If you select the option "own" in the drop-down list instead of a group, you can register for an appointment as an individual. The other group members will then not be included in the time slot.


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