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General info on information distribution

General info on information distribution


Within the context of a course, lecturers have to provide students with up-to-date information on a regular basis:

  •     Short-term changes of dates/rooms
  •     Availability of new exercises
  •     Deadlines (submission of exercises and e-tests, exam registration, etc.)
  •     Announcements of interesting events (lecture series, fairs, etc.)
  •     Important new materials
  •     Answers to questions that were raised in the course and possibly not answered
  •     Impulses for the preparation and follow-up of the event
  •     Invitation to participate in a discussion in the Forum
  •     Suggestions to deepen the topic

To distribute such information, RWTHmoodle provides two different options: 

  • Announcements (recommended): Information that is added to the course room via announcements remains permanently visible in the course room. They are also sent as notification e-mails to all persons in the course room, including managers. It is also possible to address announcements to individual groups using the group modes for activities. These announcements are then not visible to other groups.
  • Quickmail: Quickmail can be used to send e-mails to all persons in a learning room, the individual rights groups, other groupings and groups, and selected persons. Since students do not have access to the Quickmail module, e-mails already sent are not visible to students in the course room itself. 

Alternatively, as well as in the case of RWTHmoodle malfunctions, lecturers can also contact the participants of a course by e-mail directly from RWTHonline (only accessible via RWTH network, available only in German). Please note that only students who have registered for the course via RWTHonline can be contacted in this way. Course participants who have been booked manually, such as "Extra Users", are not included in the recipient list.


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last changed on 08/31/2023

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