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Block Completion Progress (Lecturers)

Block Completion Progress (Lecturers)


As a supplement to the activity completions, the completion progress block offers students a visual overall view of all (or optionally some) activity completions in the course room. For this purpose, all relevant activities and resources with activity completions are summarized in a bar display.

Coloured markings of the individual activities and resources indicate the current status of the individual activity completions. In this way, students can immediately see which activities have already been successfully completed and which are still outstanding. The "completion progress" block can be added manually to a course room by lecturers.

In principle, several progress bars can be added to a course room, each showing the status of activity completion for a specific selection of activities.



1. Add "completion progress" block
2. Configure the "completion progress" block
3. Visualizations of the progress bar

1. Add ' completion progress' block

Even if activity completions are already used in the course rrom, the completion progress block is not enabled by default. However, managers can add it manually at any time.

  1. Switch the course page to edit mode by clicking the "Turn editing on" button in the top right corner.
    Screenshot: Turn editing on button
  2. Select the "completion progress" block from the "Add a block" drop-down menu on the right below the existing blocks​​​​.

    Screenshot: Add progress completion block
  3. The new block is automatically added to the other blocks at the bottom of the block list. The progress bar is immediately displayed to the students according to the default configuration. However, since managers cannot complete activities themselves, no progress bar is displayed to them, only the corresponding empty block:

    Screenshot: progress completion block

    Provided that this empty block is visible to you in the "Manager" role, students will see the progress bar:

    Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview

    Color visualizations are used to show the activity completion status for each activity or resource. An explanation of the individual colors can be found below.

2. Configure the 'Completion Progress bar' block

  1. In the "Completion Progress" block, click the gear icon and select "Configure Completion Progress Block".

    Screenshot: Completion progress bar configuration settings
  2. In the "Block settings" section you can make the following settings:

    Screenshot: Completion progress bar configuration settings
  3. Order bars by - There are two ways to arrange activities in the "Completion Progress bar" block.
    • Time with "Completion date" date - In each activity with completion tracking, a completion date can be enabled in the "Edit settings" section of the "Activity completion". This setting specifies the date by which the activity must be completed. For the set date, a corresponding entry is made in the "Calendar" block. The expected completion dates of all relevant activities and resources are used to arrange the elements of the bar. The appointment closest in time is located on the left side of the bar at the first position. If a "completion date" has not been set for all activities with activated completion tracking, the order in the course is chosen as a substitute for arranging these activities.

      Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview, order in time
    • Order in the course - activities and resources are arranged in the same order as on the course page. When this option is used, any completion dates set in the activity completion settings are ignored.

      Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview, order in the course
  4. Display long bars - When bars exceed a certain length, they can be displayed in three different ways:
    • Squeeze- The bar is scaled to the available width, regardless of the number of elements in the progress bar. If there are very many elements, this display may be unsuitable because each element of the progress bar will then take up very little space in the bar:

      Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview, squeeze settings
    • Scroll - Side to side-scrolling to display overflowing bar segments. This type of display is recommended if the progress bar contains a lot of elements:

      Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview, scroll settings
    • Wrap - a line break is inserted within the bar. This type of display is recommended if the progress bar contains a lot of elements:

      Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview, wrap settings
  5. Use icons in the bar - Optionally, the checkmark Screenshot: Completion progress bar, green check mark and cross icons Screenshot: Completion progress bar, red cross for successfully completed and not completed activities can be added to the progress bar. Among other things, this can help make the block visually accessible to students with color blindness:

    Screenshot: Completion progress bar, icon in the bar
  6. Show percentages for participants - Set this option to "Yes" if you want to display an overall percentage of progress to students. This is calculated as the number of activities successfully completed divided by the total number of activities in the bar.

    Screenshot: Completion progress bar, progress in percentage

  7. Click on "Show more to display more options.

    Screenshot: Completion progress bar, show more settings link

  8. Visible only for group or grouping - When you select a group or grouping, the display of this block will be limited to this group or grouping.
  9. Alternate title - If needed, the default title can be overwritten to an appropriate block title. This is especially useful when there are multiple "completion progress" blocks. This allows you to use different such blocks to represent different combinations of activities or resources.
  10. Included activities 

    Screenshot: Included activities options
    • By default, all activities with completion tracking are displayed in the bars ( = "All activities with completion tracking enabled" option).
    • If you only want to display a selection of the activities with completion tracking in the bar, select the "Selected activities" option. You can then select the desired activities under "Selected activities". By pressing and holding the CTRL key, you can select several activities in succession by clicking the left mouse button.

      Screenshot: Included activities settings
  11. Then click "Save Changes" to apply the configuration.
    Screenshot: Save changes button

3. Visualization of the progress bar (only visible for students)

Managers will see a blank block instead of the bar for privacy reasons, otherwise, they would be able to view the individual student's progress. From the student's perspective, the progress bar looks like this:

Screenshot: Completion progress bar students overview

The activity completion status for each activity or resource is shown by means of coloured visualizations:

  • Blue Progress Bar Blue: The activity/resource has not yet been completed by the person or has not yet been manually marked as completed.
  • Green Progress Bar Green: The activity/resource has been successfully completed by the person or manually marked as completed.
  • Yellow Progress Bar Yellow: The activity has been processed unsuccessfully by the person because the set condition(s) for successful processing have not been sufficiently fulfilled. Note: Marking as "Yellow" can only be done if it has been specified in the conditions that there must be an assessment for the activity completion and a pass mark has been defined for it at the same time. Students do not have the option to manually mark activities as unsuccessfully completed.
  • Red Progress Bar Red: The "completion date" set for the activity/resource has been exceeded without the activity/resource being completed. Note: Marking as "red" can only be done if a "completion date" has been activated for the corresponding activity. You set this in the activity under "Edit settings" in the "Activity completion" section. Depending on the configuration of the activity, successful completion of the activity is also possible after the set "Completion date" has been exceeded. The completion date serves exclusively as a "reminder" in that an entry is made for the set date in the "Calendar" block.


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