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The "Progress" tab shows students the fill level of their individual flashcards and their personal practice success to date. Managers can see some summary key figures here. Individual learning statuses of the students are not displayed to the managers.


Screenshot: Manager's view of the cardbox activity tabs

1. Students' perspective

Under the "Progress" tab, students can see the current fill level of their individual flashcards (on the left of the image) as well as their previous practice success (on the right of the image). The managers do not have the possibility to view the individual practice successes of the students

Screenshot: Student's perspective of the progress

2. Manager's perspective

Managers can see the following metrics from the "Progress" tab:

  • Number of cards per subject across all students
  • Number of practised cards per practice session (differentiated by calendar weeks)
  • Duration of an exercise in minutes (differentiated by calendar weeks)

Screenshot: Manager's perspective of the progress



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