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Review cards

Review cards


Newly created cards must be approved by managers before students can practice them. This is for quality assurance purposes. Newly created but not yet released cards are displayed to managers under the "Review" tab. For quality assurance purposes, new cards do not appear in the participants' cardboxes until they have been approved by managers and can then be practised.

If managers create new cards themselves, they can approve them directly when they save them. For cards created by students, the release is done by the manager via the corresponding tab "Review".


Table of Contents

  1. Edit card
  2. Release or reject cards
  3. Release of newly added solution alternatives


1. Edit card

You can edit a flashcard by clicking on the pencil icon. The same editing options are available when you create a card. For example, you can assign the card to a topic, add a picture or another solution.

Card example


2. Release or reject cards

  1. Use the checkboxes to the right of the edit icon to select the cards you want to release or reject. This activates the two buttons "Approve" and "Reject" to the right of the cards.
    Overview of card example when checkbox is active
  2. Now click the appropriate button to release or reject all selected cards.
  3. Released cards are moved to the "Overview" tab and are immediately available for practice. Rejected cards are permanently deleted from the cardbox. They cannot be restored. Please note that students whose newly created card has been rejected will not receive any immediate feedback about this, e.g. in the form of a notification. The rejection is only indicated by the fact that the card is neither displayed in the "Overview" tab nor in the context of the exercise phases.


3. Release of newly added solution alternatives

If a student's answer with correct content - e.g. an alternative, equivalent translation possibility for a vocabulary word - is not stored as a solution alternative, it will always be evaluated as a wrong answer during autocorrection. It must then be marked as correct manually each time the exercise is repeated. Therefore, the students have the possibility to suggest their own answers as alternative solutions during the exercise phases. Before a submitted solution suggestion is available to all students as an alternative solution during the exercise phases, it must be approved by the learning room managers.

  1. Cards with suggested solutions from students also appear in the "Review" folder. Managers can recognize these cards by the fact that the newly added solution suggestions are framed in red.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the solution suggestion framed in red. This activates the "Approve" and "Reject" buttons. Use the appropriate button to select whether you want to release or reject the suggestion. Solutions that have already been released for this flashcard remain unaffected.
    Overview of card example with solution alternative
  3. If necessary, you can also edit the newly added solution proposal by clicking on the Edit icon before releasing or rejecting it.


A subsequently added solution suggestion is only evaluated as correct from the time of release. Subsequent consideration of the new solution suggestion on already completed exercise phases is not possible.


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