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Due to the upgrade to Moodle version 4.1, the RWTHmoodle help pages and FAQ will be extensively revised starting in calendar week 9.

RWTHmoodle is the central webbased teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Its virtual course rooms offer a broad range of functions for the realization of digital teaching formats. Thanks to various plugins from the open source community of Moodle the platform can be further extended. The course rooms are access controlled. Besides the persons giving the corresponding lecture or being responsible for it only students registered for the course get access to the course room.

Lecturers and students can find a Quick Guide under the following link, which briefly introduces the most important functions of RWTHmoodle:

Quick Guide to RWTHmoodle (Lecturers)

Quick Guide to RWTHmoodle (Students) 


In the demo course rooms you will find more helpful materials:

You are also welcome to watch our introductory video to RWTHmoodle on YouTube (only available in German).