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Matlab Grader

Matlab Grader


With MATLAB Grader, you can automatically grade MATLAB programming assignments and provide automatic feedback to students. MATLAB Grader can be added to a course room as an activity.


Teachers can design their own assignments or choose from a collection of pre-designed assignments and customize them as needed. Each assignment contains a description with instructions, reference files, the problem type "script" or "function", a reference solution, a predefined learner template as well as information for assessment and predefined tests for evaluating the students' solutions. These also include feedback on the respective test step.
The students create their solution in the given template, can run the program code and finally submit it. MATLAB Grader then evaluates the solution using the predefined test cases. The achieved grade is stored in the course grades.

You can find more detailed information on how to use MATLAB Grader in this manual on Using MATLAB Grader.


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