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Hide participants list

Hide participants list


You can hide the list of participants for students, for example in the context of take-home exams via RWTHmoodle. They will then no longer see the section "Participants" in the navigation bar on the left and will also no longer be able to access the direct link to the list.


To hide the list of participants from the students, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Participants" in the navigation bar of the course room on the left. You will get to the list of participants.
  2. .There, click on the gear wheel icon A little blue cogwheel icon. inside the white area on the right. This opens the options for "Users".
  3. Select "Change permissions for tutors or students". First of all, the "Override permissions for the role(s) 'Tutors'" will open.

    The screenshot shows a box that lists the links of actions after clicking the gear wheel icon. These options are: "Export student table", "Change permission for tutors or students", and "Import students into group". The second option is highlighted.
  4. Next to "Choose role(s)" open the dropdown list and switch to "Students and Extra Users".

    The screenshot shows the dropdown menu with the two options "Tutors" and "Students and Extra Users", which is highlighted.
  5. Deselect the checkbox "Show participants list".

    The screenshot shows the form to change the permissions. Beneath the headline "Override permissions for role(s) 'Students and Extra Users" ,which is followed by a question mark as a link to a contextual help, a dropdown menu allows changing the role. It does state "Students and Extra Users" in the picture. Below the sub headline "Allow right" two rows are displayed, "Show participants list" and "View data or group members". Both have a leading checkbox, which isn't marked and feature a question mark as a link to a contextual help. The two buttons "Save changes" and "Cancel" are displayed at the bottom.
  6. Complete the process with "Save changes". The participant's list will now be hidden from the students so they will neither see their own group nor that of other students.

last changed on 08/18/2023

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