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General information on electronic post-exam reviews

General information on electronic post-exam reviews


Post-exam reviews may take place digitally via RWTHmoodle course rooms. Examiners may use the activity “Assignment” in order to make the exam corrections available to the students. Students receive the corrected exam via the feedback option of the assignment. The files used here are only visible to the individual students themselves.

Exam results as well as results for individual questions may be provided through the “Grades” section. This is described in the Instructions for privacy-compliant provision of preliminary exam results. Optionally, the activity “Choice” may be used if students are required to sign up for the review in advance.

In the following manuals we will explain how to configure the two activities and the “Grades” section as well as the necessary framework to ensure the review complies with our privacy policy.



In case the exam has been done with the electronic examination software DYNEXITE the post-exam reviewing will be done within DYNEXITE, too. For any questions concerning DYNEXITE please consult with Medien für die Lehre’s team for e-exams.

last changed on 11/30/2023

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