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Aggregating course rooms

Aggregating course rooms


The course rooms of different courses from RWTHonline can be aggregated to one-course room in RWTHmoodle. Please contact the IT-ServiceDeskPlease have the course numbers available and be clear about which room you want to choose as your classroom.


Course rooms from different courses can be aggregated into a one-course room. In this case, only one of the course rooms continues to be used as the master course room and remains visible to the students. The other, subordinate course rooms become invisible for students. Managers will see them grayed out in their dashboard course list.

The participants of the subordinate course rooms are automatically transferred to the master course room and are put into groups. The titles of the subordinate course rooms are set as group names. Managers can thus recognize from which course rooms the participants originate. Even after merging, changes to the number of participants in the subordinate rooms are automatically transferred from RWTHonline.

The course dates of the subordinate course rooms have to be created manually in the master course room. If they are created as group events, they are only visible for the group they belong to. The dates of the master course room are visible as course dates for all participants.

Only course rooms of the same semester can be aggregated.


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