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Group Tool

Group Tool


The activity Group Tool extends the functionality of the standard group section in RWTHmoodle. Also with the group administration activity, managers can automatically create several groups according to definable parameters, group them into groupings and have the students automatically distributed to the created groups. Furthermore, they can offer groups for selection, for which students can register on a first-come-first-serve basis. A waiting list function is also possible. In addition, evaluations can be transferred within groups.

An alternative to group administration is the activity "Fair Allocation". Here too, students can register for groups independently, but according to the priority principle.


The following functionalities are mapped by the grouptool module:

  • Automatic group creation with optional simultaneous participant enrollment
    • 1-person groups
    • Groups with specific numbers of persons/groups
    • Groups with certain predefined group names consisting of [lastname], [firstname], [idnumber], [username], numeric numbers, alphabetic indexes and plain text.
  • Simultaneous creation of groupings for each group created
  • Self-registration of participants to existing groups
    • Activate groups and define their order per grouptool instance
    • Use a waiting list system with optional space limitation
    • Determine the maximum number per group or for all available groups
    • Enable logging in to multiple (min/max) groups per participant
  • Import Group Members - Upload a list of matriculation numbers per group to be assigned as members to the group.
  • Group rating - transfer of assigned ratings to other participants of the group
    • Automatically for all or only certain groups
    • Select the participant from whom the rating is to be transferred

The activity "Group Management" is a plugin of the Academic Moodle Coorperation (AMC). Below you will find a video tutorial and short instructions from the AMC on the different functions of the group management.


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