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Activity completion (Students)

Activity completion (Students)


With the activity completion, activities can be marked as completed (i.e.: successfully completed). Your lecturer can set whether students can mark activities on their own after they have completed them, or whether certain conditions must be met for successful completion. Such conditions or criteria can be: the activity has been clicked, a solution has been uploaded or a certain score has been reached. Successful completion of activities is marked in green, while unsuccessful completion is marked in red.

With the help of activity completions, you can see at a glance which activities have already been successfully completed and what you still need to do to complete a particular course.



1. Activity completion
2. Activity data
3. Lack of visibility of completion tracking on the course page

1. Activity completion

Activity completions are determined individually by your lecturer for each activity. In this context, the following three options are possible:

  • Activity completion is not displayed - The successful completion of the activity cannot be marked. Therefore, neither a clickable element nor any other indication of activity completion appears below or next to the activity name.

  • Activity completion is marked manually (= default setting) - The successful completion of the activity can be marked manually by the students. For this purpose, a clickable element "Mark as completed" appears to the right of the activity name. By clicking on it, the successful completion of the activity will be highlighted by a check mark indicating "Completed".

  • Completion when all conditions are met - The successful completion of an activity is automatically marked as soon as certain conditions are met. Here, you as the student do not have the option to manually mark completion. The conditions are set by your instructor individually for that activity.

    • For each condition to be met, a non-clickable element on a gray background appears below the name of the activity that contains the condition (e.g. To do: Receive a grade).
    • The successful completion of a condition is highlighted by displaying this condition together with the indication "Done" on a green background. If several conditions are set, all conditions for the successful completion of the activity must be marked accordingly in color and text.
    • The unsuccessful processing of an activity or a condition is marked by the note "Failed" on a red background.

Examples of the presentation of the activity completions

The following is an example of the various activity completions from the students' point of view.

  • No activity completion is displayed in the "PDF Annotation" activity. Therefore, no activity completion can be set for the PDF Annotation.
  • In the "Glossary" and "Book" activities, the activity completion can be marked manually. You can mark the corresponding activities "As completed" by clicking on the corresponding clickable elements with the mouse. The successful completion is then marked with a green check mark (in the "Glossary" example).
  • In the “Assignment”, "Wiki", "Intermediate test" and "Final test" activities, certain conditions must be met for successful activity completion. The concrete conditions can be found in the gray or green elements below the names of the activities. The condition for completing the "Wiki" activity has been met in this example and is therefore marked in green. The final test, on the other hand, was not passed because a pass mark set in advance by the lecturer was not reached. This unsuccessful completion of this activity is marked in red.


2. Activity data

In addition to the activity trades and their terms, opening and due dates can also be displayed on the quote page under the activities, e.g. "Due: Friday, July 16, 2021, 11:59 PM"

Note: Activity dates are only shown if such a date has been set for the activity. Depending on the configuration you have made, it is also possible that open and due dates are only displayed after you have clicked on an activity.

3. Lack of visibility of completion tracking on the course page

By default, activity completions and completion conditions are displayed on both the course page and the respective activity page. Since the information on activity completion can make the course page look cluttered and confusing, especially in learning spaces with many activities, instructors can, if required, set the information on activity completion to be displayed only on the activity page. This means that the information on the activity completions can only be viewed when you open the specific activity (e.g. a glossary). In this case, you as a student will not be able to see which activity completions are still pending on the course page, since no more information about the activity completions is displayed on the course page:

If you now click on an activity (e.g. "Glossary"), the status and, if applicable, conditions for activity completion are displayed. You therefore still have the option on the activity page to mark the activity completion manually:

If there is no activity completion information on the activity page, no activity completion has been activated for the selected activity.


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