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Create Badges

Create Badges


Managers can create so-called badges in RWTHmoodle. The badges are first created, then the criteria for their allocation are defined, and finally the users are given access to the badges. This manual explains the necessary steps in detail. More information about badges can be found in the manual General information on badges.



1. Create and configure a new badge
2. Define criteria for the assignment
3. Enable access
4. Example of a finished badge


1. Create and configure a new badge

To create a new badge, proceed as follows:

  1. Select "More" from the center menu bar. In the selection that opens, click "Badges".
  2. Now select "Create new badge".
  3. Then the settings that you can configure for a new badge will open. The mandatory fields that you have to fill in are marked with an exclamation mark in a red circle. In the following, especially these mandatory fields will be explained in more detail.
  4. In the "Name" text box, type what you want the badge to be called.
  5. In the "Description" text field you can specify more detailed information about the badge, for example, explaining what the badge is awarded for.
  6. It is necessary that you additionally upload an image for your badge. 
  7. Optionally, you can set an expiration date by specifying a period of time during which the badge is valid. Here you have the possibility to enter a fixed date of the expiration date or a relative time after the badge is awarded, after which it will lose its validity.
  8. Once you have made the basic settings, click on "Create badge".
  9. You can then view the basic settings in the "Overview" tab.

2. Define criteria for the assignment

After creating the badge, you will be prompted to set the criteria for awarding your badge.

There are several choices here:

  • Activity Completion - The badge is automatically awarded when a specific activity is completed.
  • Course Completion - The badge is automatically awarded when the course is successfully completed.
  • Awarded Badges - The badge is automatically awarded if you have already received certain other badges.
  • Manually awarded via a specific role - Managers manually award the badge to individual students.

2.1. Activity completion

1. Select here which activity should be considered and by which time the activity must be completed to receive the badge.

2. If the badge is to be awarded only when multiple activities are completed in combination, select "All selected activities are completed" instead of "Any of the selected activities is completed".

3. In the "Description" field, explain the criteria for the award.

4. Finally, click "Save" to save the criteria.

You will now be notified that the criterion has been successfully created and see an overview of the settings you have made. The tabs in the bar offer even more optional configuration options. Please refer to the manual Optional configuration options for badges for more information.


2.2. Course completion

1. If you select "Course completion" as the criterion, the view below opens.

2. Here, specify the minimum grade for course completion and the deadline for course completion.

3. Then add a description for the badge.

4. Afterwards, click on "Save" to save the settings.

5. You will now receive a message that the criterion has been successfully created and see an overview of the settings you have made. 


2.3. Awarded badges

1. If you select "Awarded Badges" as the criterion, the following view opens. Under "Awarded Badges" you mark the badges that have to be acquired to get the new badge.

2. In the next step you specify how many of the marked badges have to be acquired to fulfill the criterion: "All selected badges have been acquired" or "Any of the selected badges has been acquired".

3. Optionally, you can add a description.

4. Then click on "Save".

5. You will now receive a message that the criterion has been successfully created and see an overview of the settings you have made.


2.4. Manual issue by role

1. Managers can also award the badge manually to individual students via the criterion "Manual awarding via a specific role". Other roles cannot be selected here.

2. Optionally, a short description can be added.

3. Then click on "Save".

You will now receive a message that the criterion has been successfully created and see an overview of the settings you have made.


3. Enable access

Once you have defined the settings and criteria for the award, you will be prompted in the yellow box to activate access so that the badge can be acquired by participants in the course room.



Do not enable access until you have made all the settings and are satisfied with them. If the badge has already been lent, these settings can no longer be adjusted.

1. Click on "Enable access" to release the badge for use.

2. Then confirm the security question below. This reminds you once again that changes to the badge are locked as soon as it has been awarded for the first time. If participants meet the award criteria, they will be awarded the badge immediately.

3. Click Next to confirm that you want to enable access.

4. You will then receive confirmation that badge access has been successfully enabled.


4. Example of a finished badge

All created badges are collected in an overview. This appears when you click on "Manage badges" instead of "Create new badge" at the beginning.


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