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Delete course rooms

Delete course rooms


Course rooms in RWTHmoodle follow different LifeCycle models. From the date of their creation onwards, course rooms linked to courses in RWTHonline are available for six semesters. They will be deleted completely after that. To continue to use the content of a course room please import it to a new course room. Manually created course room in the course category "Miscellaneous" are semester-independent and can be used permanently.

If, unexpectedly, you do not need a course room and want to have it deleted, please remove the checkmark for the option "Course room in RWTHmoodle" in the course data in RWTHonline. Then contact the IT-ServiceDesk via email and ask for deletion of the course room. Please give the title of the course, the course number from RWTHonline, the semester and the reason for the deletion.

To delete a course room for exam preparation and follow-up, remove the resource booking in RWTHonline by clicking on the garbage can icon at the beginning of the line, save your change and then contact the IT-ServiceDesk via email.


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last changed on 11/17/2023

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