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Folder - Providing files in folders

Folder - Providing files in folders


A Folder is a resource that you as a manager can create in your course room to provide your students with several files in a condensed manner. A folder can contain any number of subfolders and files.

A download button allows you to download all files in the directory as a ZIP file.


1. Add a Folder

There are two ways to create a Folder resource in RWTHmoodle.

1.1. Create a folder by dragging & dropping a ZIP file

  1. Create a ZIP file on your computer with the files you want to make available in a directory in RWTHmoodle.
  2. Switch the course room to edit mode using the "Edit mode" slider next to your name in the upper right corner.
  3. Drag and drop the ZIP file of the folder from your desktop to the course section where you want to add the folder.
  4. Select as an option what you want to do with the ZIP file, "Unzip files and create folder" and then click on the "Upload" button.
  5. If necessary, change the name of the folder by clicking on "Edit" behind the folder.

1.2. Create a folder via activity chooser

  1. Switch the course room to edit mode using the "Edit mode" slider next to your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the link "Add an activity or resource" in the course section where you want to add a file.
  3. Check the box next to "Folder".
  4. Click on the "Add" button to create a "Folder". You will be automatically forwarded to the settings page of the element to upload the file and configure the element.

2. Configuring a folder

2.1. General

  • Name: Give the file a name. This name will appear on the course page.
  • Description: Enter a short description of the file.
  • Display description on the course page: If you select this checkbox, the description above will be displayed on the course page.

2.2. Content

  • Select files: Here you can upload a file from your PC to RWTHmoodle. Drag and drop a file from your PC directly into the file area or click on the "Add..." button in the upper left corner of the file area and browse for the upload file on your PC.
  • Within the folder, you can create as many subfolders as you like. To do so, click on the "Create folder" button at the top left of the file area. Give the subfolder a name and confirm with "Create folder". To add files to the subfolder, open it with a click.
  • The three icons in the upper right corner of the files area control how the files are displayed in the files area: Display directory with file icons, display directory with file details, and display directory hierarchically.
  • Display folder contents: With this setting, you determine whether the folder content is displayed on a separate page or directly on the course page.
  • Show subfolders expanded: If you select this checkbox, the contents of all subfolders are displayed expanded.
  • Display download folder button: With this option, the students are shown a button to download the folder as a ZIP file.

2.3. Common module settings

  • Availability: Select whether the folder should be visible to students or hidden from them.
  • ID number: The ID number for the folder is used to assign a name that can be used in the "Grades" section when calculating overall grades. If the folder is not needed for the calculation of grades, the field can remain empty.

2.4. Restrict access

You can attach certain conditions to the visibility and availability of the folder to students. For more info read the article Restrict access.

2.5. Activity completion

With these settings, criteria or conditions define when an activity is considered completed. For more info read the article Activity completion settings.

2.6. Save

Clicking on "Save and go to course" will return you to the course page.

2.7 .Notification about content change

The settings for the activities can be reached after creating them within the activity via the central menu navigation. Here you will find activity-specific settings and you can also save the activity directly individually.

If you subsequently make changes to the settings, activate the checkbox "Send notification of content change" to inform all participants about the new or changed activity. All participants who can access the activity receive the notification.


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