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The department Medien für die Lehre of the Center for Teaching and Learning Services at RWTH Aachen University programs and hosts various Serious Games for teaching purposes. Such games promote the motivation to learn and convey the teaching content in a playful form during the semester.

One of these Serious Games is the simulation game "Transaction". This game is used in various courses in the field of economics. Participants of courses that use the Serious Game can call up "Transaction" without additional login with one click directly from the RWTHmoodle course room.

If a login via RWTHmoodle is not possible, the login via the homepage of the Simulation Game is an alternative option.


1. Login via the RWTHmoodle course room ( Default)

In course rooms that use the Serious Game "Transaction", there is an additional block "Transaction" among the blocks on the right side of the course room. When you click on the "Öffnen" link in the block, the website of the game with the appropriate context will open in a new tab. The login is done automatically.

Block for Transaction

2. Alternative login (in case of RWTHmoodle disturbance)

If necessary, students can also access Transaction independently of the course room and log in directly to the game's website. ATTENTION: Please use this alternative login only if RWTHmoodle is disturbed and you urgently need access to the game!

The alternative login is possible on the following page: (only available in German)

Before you can log in here, you must first set a password. Please follow the instructions described below: (only available in German)



According to step 2 of the instructions you have to enter the email address that is stored for you in RWTHmoodle. For enrolled students this is always the e-mail in the form

Which email address is used for which group of users in RWTHmoodle can be found in the systematics of email addresses in RWTHmoodle.


For more information:

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