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Add an Etherpad

Add an Etherpad


With Etherpad, users can create and edit texts together in real-time. This makes it possible, for example, to create collaborative notes in seminars. All users have the same writing rights, regardless of their role in the learning space.

Etherpads have a number of basic text-editing functions that can be extended with plugins. The created texts can be saved in different formats.

Etherpads are suitable for seminars, small groups, or generally smaller courses up to about 50 people. If too many people work in the etherpad at the same time, it might become confusing quickly. In addition, Etherpads can become slow or impossible to access.


1. Add Etherpad

  1. Switch the learning space to edit mode via the "Switch on editing" button in the top right corner.
  2. Click on "Create activity or material" in the appropriate course section.
  3. Select the activity "Etherpad". This will then be created. You will automatically be redirected to the settings page to configure the activity.

2. Configure Etherpad

2.1. General

Give the etherpad a name and optionally a description.

2.2. More settings

  • Availability - Select whether the Etherpad activity should be immediately displayed to students after saving or hidden from them.
  • ID Number - The ID number is used to assign a designation that can be used in the Assessments section when calculating overall assessments. If the Etherpad is not needed to determine assessments, the field can be left blank.

2.3. Requirements

With these settings, you can attach certain conditions to the visibility and availability of the Etherpad activity for the students. In general, read the article Restrict access (prerequisites).

2.4. Activity Completion

With these settings, you define criteria or conditions when an activity is considered completed (i.e.: successfully processed). You can find detailed information in the article Activity completion settings. (Guide currently only available in German)

2.5. Save

After you have made all settings, click on "Save and view". You will now be directed to Etherpad and can start writing.


last changed on 01/30/2023

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