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Settings for Messaging

Settings for Messaging


The messaging system allows you to make a number of settings for privacy, email notifications, and text entry behavior.


If you click on the gearwheel icon Screenshot: Setting icon- Gearwheel to the right of the search field in the messages, you will get to the settings for messaging:

Screenshot settings page for messaging



You can define here which people are allowed to send you messages. With the default setting "My contacts and anyone in my courses", all people you have either explicitly accepted as contacts or with whom you share a course room can send you messages.

With the option "My contacts only" you restrict who is allowed to send you messages. Other people must then first make a contact request that you accept before they can send you messages.

Screenshot settings for privacy


Notification preferences

If you want to be notified of new messages by e-mail, slide the slider to the right Icon slider activated. E-mails are only sent when you are offline.



To send messages with the Enter key, leave the slider on the right side Icon slider activated. If you want to use the enter key to insert line breaks in the message field, move the slider to the left side Icon slider deactivated.


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last changed on 06/09/2023

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