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Badges (Student perspective)

Badges (Student perspective)


Students cannot add or manage new badges. Only an overview of the badges they have received is available to them.



1. Overview of the badges
2. Detail view of a single badge

Where do I find the badges?

You can view your badges by selecting the "Badges" tab in the sidebar of the course home page.

An overview of the badges you have already purchased will then appear.

1. Overview of the badges

1. Click on the "Badges" tab in the middle menu. The overview of badges will then open.

2. The tabular overview shows all badges available in this course room with picture, name, description and award criteria. The last column of the overview also shows if and when you have already received one of the badges.

3. If you click on the dates you were awarded the badge, you can view the details of the badge (see next section).

2. Detail view of a single badge

The following information can be taken from the overview:

  • the name of the badge
  • the name of the person to whom the badge was awarded (the student him/herself)
  • the date when the badge was awarded
  • the person/institute who awarded the badge
  • the course rrom in which the badge was awarded
  • the criteria established for obtaining the badge
  • the language of the badge
  • the badges thematically assigned by the manager of the course with the acquired badge


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