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Automatic mapping of course groups (RWTHonline)

Automatic mapping of course groups (RWTHonline)


If a course in RWTHonline is using more than one-course group, these course groups will become groups in the course room of the course to which they belong. The course groups won't get separate course rooms.


1. Mapping of course groups as Moodle groups

A course in RWTHonline can have several course groups. These course groups do not get separate course rooms in RWTHmoodle. Instead, the students registered for these course groups are transferred into the course room of the course and are put into groups. Like this, "Managers" can see to which course group the participants belong.

The title of a course group is set as a group name in the course room.

The dates of the course groups are transferred into the course rooms as group dates. They are visible only for the group to which they belong. If used the course dates of the "Standardgruppe" are also synchronized to the course room. They are visible to all course participants.


2. Special case: Course groups as separate course rooms

Especially in Faculty 7 (Faculty of Philosophy), course groups are sometimes used differently than usual. Course groups are not subordinate groups, but more like independent courses. In these cases, course groups should be given independent course rooms. Unfortunately, this cannot be represented automatically at present. However, the RWTHmoodle support can manually create separate course rooms. Since there is no connection to RWTHonline for these manually created course rooms, neither the appointment series nor the students with fixed places can be automatically synchronized from RWTHonline to the course room.

If you need such a course room, please contact the IT ServiceDesk.


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