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Assignment submission report

Assignment submission report


Lecturers can display a submission report for all assignments in the course room. This is called up via the course administration.

The report lists all assignments in the course room with various information on status and selected settings. Buttons allow access to a structured overview of all assignments with information on submission status, grades and further data, the export of this overview as an Excel file as well as the download of all assignment documents, feedback files, feedback comments and online corrections for an assignment as a zip file.



1. Call up submission report
2. Structure of the submission report
3. Options


1. Call up submission report

To access the sumissions report, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up the course room.
  2. Click on the option "Reports" in the horizontal menu. If the option is not available please check the "More" dropdown menu.
  3. Select the report "Assignment submission report". You will then see the assignment report for all assignment activities that exist in the course room.

2. Structure of the submission report

The submission report bundles a range of information on the assignments in the course room, their settings and status, the submissions made, their grades and much more into a structured overview. In addition, the report allows the download of various submission, correction and feedback documents. The report is divided into the following elements:

  • Name - This column contains the names of the assignments. Click on the arrow icon to call up the corresponding task.
  • Status - This column contains the exact status information. They are set automatically if you activate certain options in the assignemnt administration. These can be, for example: the marking workflow, an anonymous grading or a marking allocation. If no element is shown in this column for an assignment, the default settings were kept in the assignment administration. Missing status information is therefore no indication of an incomplete or insufficient assignment configuration.
  • Group mode - If you have activated the options "Separate groups" or "Visible groups" in the section "Common module settings" under "Group mode" in the assignment administration, the selected mode is shown here. If the group mode is activated, you can display and grade the student submissions in the submissions overview separately according to group membership.

    Note: Group mode is not to be confused with group submissions. Group submissions are listed in the column "Status". Nor does the group mode refer to the visibility control of the assignment according to group membership (so-called "restrictions"). Information on restrictions is not shown here.

The report enables several actions, which are described in the following section.


3. Options

3.1. Display assignment-specific report

Click on the "View" button to display an overview of the processing status separated by student (see screenshot below). The overview contains a range of information on the students' submissions.

  • Groups - lists all relevant groups the student is belonging to. 
  • Status - displays whether a submission has already been made. Missing or pending deliveries are marked here with "new".
  • Grade - if a submission has already been graded, the grade achieved appears here.
  • Grader - shows who entered the grading.
  • Modified - shows the date when the person last changed or submitted their solution.
  • Released - displays from which date grades and correction have been released to students and are thus viewable.
  • Files - If it has been defined for the assignment that files are to be handed in, the number and the names of the files are listed here.
  • Override - If an individual or group-based override of the submission deadline has been granted, the specified date appears here.
  • Depending on the selected configuration, additional columns may be shown. For example, when the evaluation workflow is activated, an additional column is displayed showing the current workflow status.

3.2. Export report

Click on the "Export" button to download the report, which can be accessed via the "Show" button, in Excel format.

If you want to have an overview of all assignment instances in one single document, click on the "Export all" button at the top right of the submission report instead.


3.3. Download

Click on the "Download" button to download all submitted files including the feedback posted by managers as a structured zip file. The zip file contains a separate folder for each student. This again contains four subfolders:

  • Submissions - Contains the students' submissions.
  • Feedback files - If feedback files were provided to students in the course of correction and grading, they are included here.
  • Feedback Comments - If an overall feedback has been stored as a comment for the submission, it will be stored in this folder.
  • Annotated PDFs - If the option "Annotate PDF" has been selected as feedback type and the submitted submissions have been annotated online as a PDF document, this folder contains the annotated PDF files.

By default, all four subfolders are created, regardless of whether corresponding files exist. If necessary, deactivate the corresponding checkbox(es) whose subfolders you do not need by clicking on them with the mouse.

Finally, click on the "Dump files" button to start the download.


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