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Students with confirmed place

Students with confirmed place


Students are automatically added to the course room if they have a "confirmed place" for the course in RWTHonline.

If students are to be removed from the course room, they must be deregistered from the course in RWTHonline.

Since the summer semester 2022, course rooms in RWTHmoodle can be requested for exam dates via the Exam Management application in RWTHonline. Students who have registered for an exam date in RWTHonline are automatically booked into the associated course room in the role "Student". Students who have registered conditionally will also be granted access.

Students who are automatically authorized for a course room are assigned the role "student". 

To be authorized in the course room they need a so-called "Assigned Confirmed Place" in RWTHonline for the corresponding course. Status different from "Assigned Confirmed place" is not sufficient. Students can check their current status in the registration procedure in RWTHonline in "My courses". There, the status info is shown on top of the button "Edit registration" on the right side of the page.

The screenshot shows a complete page from RWTHonline. The tab "My courses" is selected, and "All courses" and "My bookmarked courses" can also be selected. The content begins with the drop-down menu for the semester; the summer semester 2020 ("2020 S") is selected here. Below this is a text field in which you can filter by "Course number or course title"; here the field is empty. On the right in the same line, the sort order can be changed via a drop-down menu, here it is sorted by ascending "Title". Three courses are shown in the list. The following data can be seen for all three courses: course number, course title, the group, the type of course (here "L" for all), the semester hours (SWS), here "2" for all, the registration procedure, the degree programme to which this course is assigned, the deadline for editing the registration, the end date for a possible deregistration, the status of the registration, here "Requirements met" and "Assigned confirmed place", a button "Edit registration", the information "No exam dates available" and a button with a link to the course at the right edge.

Confirmed places are usually assigned automatically. Persons holding the role "Participation Manager" in RWTHonline can also assign confirmed places manually.

To delete persons with the role "Students" from the course room their confirmed place needs to be revoked. Please follow this guide on the deregistration of students in RWTHonline (only available in german, and only accessible from RWTH networks). The students will be removed from the course room the following day.



In some cases, students might be blocked from the course rooms of the current semester. In this case please check whether the confirmed place has been withdrawn.

last changed on 08/21/2023

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