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Course room language

Course room language


By default, the course language is not defined and depends on the personal settings for the system language.

However, managers can enforce German or English as the course language in the course settings.


To change the course language:

  1. Click on "Edit settings" in the center menu guide.
    The screenshot shows the horizontal menu with the options "Course", "Settings", "Participants", "Grades", "Reports", and "More". The option "Settings" is highlighted.                                                                                                                                 
  2. Select “Appearance”.
  3. Select German or English under "Force language”.
    The screenshot shows the "Appearance" form. The options "Force language", "Number of announcemens", "Show gradebook to students", "Show activity report", and "Show activity dates" can be configured here. The dropdown menu for "Force language" is activated, showing "Do not force", "Deutsch (de)", and "English (en)", having the first option selected.


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last changed on 08/17/2023

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