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Provide files with Sciebo

Provide files with Sciebo


RWTHmoodle provides a Sciebo connection. This connection allows you to provide files that exceed the upload limit of 250 MB per file. The files are provided as access-controlled links. This also applies to student assignments, for example.

In order to access the file in RWTHmoodle, which is provided via Sciebo, a login in Sciebo is required.

The connection uses the OAuth2 authentication protocol. This standard ensures that neither your username nor your password is transferred when an RWTHmoodle course room is connected to your Sciebo account.


1. Providing a file from Sciebo to RWTHmoodle

We will describe the provision of Sciebo files using the example of a file in the course room. These instructions can be applied in the same way to other places where you can upload files.

  1. Switch the course page to edit mode by clicking the button "Turn editing on" in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the link "Add an activity or resource" in the course section where you want to add a file.
  3. Choose the resource type "File". You will be automatically forwarded to the settings page of the element to upload the file and configure the element.
  4. Give the file a name and optionally a description.
  5. Now click on the button "Add..." Button "Add"in the upper left corner of the upload field.
  6. Then, in the file picker, click on the "Sciebo" repository on the left side.
  7. Then select "Log in to your account":

    Screenshot: FIle picker dialogue with login for Sciebo
  8. Log in in the pop-up window with your Sciebo username and password.
  9. Then click on "Authorize".
  10. You will now see your Sciebo files in the file selection window:

    Screenshot: Sciebo files
  11. Select a file you want to use in RWTHmoodle.
  12. If necessary change the title of the file and add author and licensing information.

    Screenshot: select file dialogue, add title and author
  13. Then click on "Select this file" and continue with the configuration of the file. The small black arrow at the left bottom end of the file symbol shows that the file is only linked from Sciebo but not copied to RWTHmoodle.

    Screenshot: Selected file

After saving the file, all course participants can click the file and access it. But as it is stored in Sciebo, they will need to log in to their Sciebo account.


2. Access controlled link

Files provided via Sciebo are integrated as so-called "access controlled links". In Sciebo, the file is copied into a system account for RWTHmoodle and shared with all participants.

If the file is a file submission for the activity "Assignment", the file is only visible to all persons involved in the submission and the evaluators. Only they can call up the submission in RWTHmoodle and access the file. After the deadline has been reached or after the "Submit Task" button has been pressed, depending on the submission settings, the "Edit Submission" button will disappear from the submission in the course room. In Sciebo itself, the file in the system folder cannot be modified.



To edit or replace a file provided as an access-controlled link, it must be deleted in RWTHmoodle and re-embedded from Sciebo. The new file must have a different name than the deleted file, otherwise, errors will occur.


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