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Netiquette and general rules of conduct

Netiquette and general rules of conduct


In order to ensure pleasant and friendly interaction, we ask all users to observe certain rules of conduct wherever you can write your own posts, such as in the Forum, in the Etherpad or when assessing other students' submissions in the Workshop activity. This applies in particular to areas where you can also post anonymously, such as the Anonymous Forum, the PDF Annotation, the Board or when giving feedback in the Feedback activity. Please also note our information on how "anonymity" is to be understood in RWTHmoodle.


Please observe the following rules in your posts in learning activities such as Forums or the Etherpad or when giving feedback:

  • Avoid inappropriate posts We will delete posts that are discriminatory, anti-constitutional, demagogic, illegal, pornographic, extremist, racist, vulgar, disparaging or inappropriate in any other way without explanation. If you encounter inappropriate behavior, such as harassment or trolling, report it to the forum moderators. Do not engage in flame wars or respond aggressively.

  • Be Respectful Treat others with respect and courtesy. Remember that there are real people behind the screen, and your words can impact them.

  • Use Appropriate Language Refrain from using offensive, abusive, or inappropriate language. Keep your tone civil and avoid personal attacks.

  • Maintain neutrality RWTH Aachen University is ideologically neutral and does not provide a platform for the dissemination of political or religious messages.

  • Stay on Topic Contribute to discussions by staying on the topic at hand. Avoid derailing conversations with unrelated or off-topic comments.

  • Be Clear and Concise Communicate your thoughts clearly and concisely. Long, rambling posts can be challenging to read and may be overlooked.

  • Avoid All Caps Writing in all capital letters is considered shouting online. Use capitalization appropriately to emphasize a point without appearing aggressive.

  • Respect Privacy Avoid sharing personal information about yourself or others unless it's relevant and appropriate. Be cautious about sharing sensitive data online.

  • Cite Sources If you're sharing information, provide sources when possible. This helps maintain the credibility of your statements and allows others to verify the information.

  • Be Open to Different Perspectives In forums you will encounter people with diverse opinions. Be open to different viewpoints and engage in constructive discussions rather than arguing.

  • Think Before You Post Take a moment to consider the potential impact of your words before posting. Once something is online, it can be challenging to retract.

  • Use Emoticons Thoughtfully Emoticons can help convey tone and emotion, but use them sparingly. Overusing them may make your posts appear unprofessional.

  • Use Proper Grammar and Spelling Ensure that your posts are easy to read by using correct grammar and spelling. This helps convey your message effectively.

  • Use Descriptive Titles When creating new threads, use clear and descriptive titles. This helps others quickly understand the topic of discussion.

  • Do not post advertising or spam Spam, advertising and other commercial content and offers from third parties are also not welcome.

  • Liability RWTH Aachen University accepts no responsibility or liability for comments and links posted by users.



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