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Login data for RWTHmoodle

Login data for RWTHmoodle


To access RWTHmoodle, you need a user name at RWTH (e.g. ab123456). This user name is created using a Coupon Procedure.

A current status (e.g. as an employee or active student) is not required to login to RWTHmoodle.

External persons who do not yet have a user name at the RWTH can get a user name via the coupon procedure for partners.

In order to use the individual course rooms in RWTHmoodle, you need additional authorization for them.

Separate procedures are possible for special cases such as events for pupils and bridge courses.


1. Account creation for students and employees

To access course rooms in RWTHmoodle, you need a RWTH user name in Identity Management. This user name is created using a coupon procedure. An authorized institution within RWTH Aachen University issues a coupon, which can be redeemed in ConnectMe to receive the access data.

Students, including registered doctoral candidates, will receive their coupon for creating their access data as part of the RWTHonline application process. They use the Coupon for Students.

Employees who have signed an employment contract with RWTH Aachen University's Department 8 (Human Resources) will receive a coupon by mail or e-mail from the Human Resources Department before they start their employment. The procedure is the same for all members of the UKA. Both groups use the Coupon for Employees.


2. Account creation for externals

External persons who already have a user name at RWTH, for example from a previous study or employment, can log in to RWTHmoodle with this known user name. A current status at RWTH is not required. If you cannot remember your username or password, you can get them back.

External persons, who do not have a user name yet and should get access to RWTHmoodle, can get a required user name via the Coupon for Partner. After receiving the coupon, it can be redeemed online via ConnectMe.

Please note:

If there are no contractual regulations, external persons in RWTHmoodle may not be assigned the roles "manager" or "tutor" for reasons of data protection, as this gives them access to student data like name and email address.


3. Bridge courses and other special scenarios

There is a special regulation for pupils and participants of bridge courses. Please contact the RWTHmoodle support at the IT-ServiceDesk:


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