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Add an activity or resource

Add an activity or resource


Users with the function "Manager" can fill the course room with various resources and activities. Files can also be provided via Drag&Drop.

Individual resources can already be uploaded beforehand and marked as visible at a later time.


1. Add activities or resources

To add resources or activities, you need the role "manager" in the course room. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Set the course page into editing mode using the button "Turn editing on" in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. In the appropriate topic section, click on "Add an activity or resource".
  3. The dialogue for the selection of activities will open. It lists all available activities and resources.
    • By clicking on the info iconScreenshot: Info icon in activity chooser a short description of the purpose of the respective activity will appear. If you click on "More help" in the short description, you can access the official Moodle documentation for more info.
    • By clicking on the white star iconScreenshot white star icon in activity chooser for one of the activities and resources on offer, you star the item as a favorite. The star will then change its color to blue. The starred activities and resources will appear in the "Starred" tab. This allows you to add frequently used activities more quickly to the course page.
  4. Simply click on the appropriate element to add it to the course page. You will automatically be directed to the settings page of the new element. Here you can choose its settings.

    Screenshot: Activity chooser dialogue

2. Change the settings for activities or resources

You can change the settings for activities and resources at any time.

  1. Click on "Turn editing on" on the course page to set it into edit mode.
  2. You can change the settings of the specific resource or activity by clicking on "Edit" and "Edit Settings".

    Screenshot: Edit activity or resource

3. Control visibility of activities and resources for students

You can make all elements of the course page visible or hidden for students individually:

  1. Click on "Edit" behind the appropriate item.
  2. Select "Hide" or "Show".

In the "Settings" of each element, you can define conditions for visibility via "Requirements". For example, elements can only be called up for an activity from a certain date, only for a certain group, or only after a certain rating has been reached.

Screenshot: File hidden for students


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