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Automatic booking into exam study rooms

Automatic booking into exam study rooms


All courses in RWTHonline can have a virtual course room in RWTHmoodle.

Course rooms can also be created via RWTHonline for examination dates.


Access to the course room is granted automatically and with the appropriate roles and permissions:

1. The following persons are automatically booked into the course room:

  • the examiners.
  • the students who have registered for the examination.
  • the students who have registered for the examination subject to reservation.

2. The roles "manager" and "student" are assigned when booking into the course room.

The role "manager" is assigned to:

  • the examiner.
  • Holders of the function "PV-Participant-Management" or "PV-Participant-Management-Administration".
  • Holders of the function "RWTHmoodle-Administration".

Students automatically receive the role "student".

3. Exam date administrators from higher-level organizational units do not have access to the course room.



Due to synchronization processes between RWTHonline and RWTHmoodle, it may take a few hours after the request in RWTHonline until persons are automatically added or removed from the course room. If persons have not been added or removed on the following day, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.


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last changed on 09/18/2023

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