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Block Checklist (Lecturers)

Block Checklist (Lecturers)


Using the "Checklist" block, progress indicators can be integrated into the course page of the learning space in a visually present way. These inform students about the current processing status of the underlying progress lists. This makes it easy for students to see what proportion of the elements of the checklist has already been completed.

By clicking on the progress indicator, the individual elements of the selected progress list and their exact processing status can be called up. The block "Checklist" is an optional addition to the progress lists and must therefore be added manually by the lecturers to a learning room.

The "Checklist" block must be distinguished from the "Progress bar" block, which refers to activity completion tracking.


Table of Contents

  1. Add block 'Checklist'
  2. Configure the 'Checklist' block
  3. Visualization of the progress indicators

1. Add block 'Checklist'

The "Checklist" block can be added to the learning space manually.

  1. Switch the course room to edit mode using the "Edit mode" slider next to your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the "Checklist" block from the "Add Block" drop-down menu on the right above the existing blocks.
  3. The new block is automatically added to the other blocks. Before the progress bar is displayed to students, the block must be configured accordingly. 


2. Configure the 'Checklist' block

  1. In the "Checklist" block, click the gear icon and select "'Configure Checklist".
  2. In the "Block settings" section you can make the following settings:
    • Checklist overview - This setting is especially important if multiple checklists have been added to a learning space. In the case of only one checklist, it is basically irrelevant which option is selected here. In this case, the differences between the two selectable options are minor and affect only the block's display.
      • Yes - Select this option if there are several checklists in the learning space and the progress indicator for all of them is to be displayed in the block. You will then not need to make any further block settings.
      • No - Select this option if the learning space contains several checklists and you only want the progress indicator to be displayed in the block for one checklist. After that, you still need to make the following two setting options.
    • Select checklist - Select the progress list whose progress bar you want to include in the block.
    • Select groups - By default, the checklists block is visible to all participants. If you want to make the progress bar visible only for a certain group, specify the desired group here.
  3. Then click on Save changes to apply the configurations you have made.

3. Visualization of the progress indicators

3.1. Checklist overview

If you have selected the checklist overview in the configuration, each checklist is visualized by its own progress bar. From the manager's perspective, these progress bars are usually empty (exception: you have configured a checklist in such a way that you can mark checklist elements for yourself). Students, on the other hand, are shown the current personal processing status for each list via a progress bar.

The checklists are arranged in ascending order according to their processing status, starting with the checklist with the lowest processing status. The individual elements of the selected checklist can be called up by clicking on one of the progress displays.

Note: For data protection reasons, it is not possible for teachers to gain insight into the progress of students by clicking on the progress indicators. 


3.2. Single checklist

If you have selected a single checklist instead of a checklist overview, the name of the selected checklist will be displayed to you as a manager in edit mode. The visualization of (an empty) progress bar does not take place. Therefore, if you are not in edit mode, this empty block will not be displayed to you.

Students, on the other hand, are shown their personal progress on the checklist. By clicking on the progress indicators, students can call up the individual elements of the selected checklist.

Note: For reasons of data protection, it is not possible for teachers to gain insight into the students' progress by clicking on the progress indicators. 


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