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Learning progress and ranking

Learning progress and ranking


Students receive points for creating and answering questions and for the scores they achieve. An anonymous ranking list provides students with information about their current position in relation to their fellow students. In addition, a progress bar informs all participants about their individual learning progress.



1. Personal learning progress
2. Statistics
3. User ranking
3.1. Participant ranking list
3.2. Calculation basis for ranking points

The "Learning Assistance" informs the user about his contribution as well as the individual learning progress.


1. Personal learning progress

The personal learning progress can be viewed after calling up the StudentQuiz activity on the right in the block "My progress".

The upper bar represents the user's learning progress in terms of answered questions. The colours of the bar are coded as follows:

  • green - the proportion of correctly answered questions
  • yellow - the proportion of questions still unanswered
  • red - the proportion of incorrectly answered questions

A question can be answered as often as desired. However, only the last answer is decisive for the learning progress.

The lower bar represents the user's contribution. Here, the green mark represents confirmed questions, the red mark represents rejected questions, and the yellow mark represents new/changed questions.


2. Statistics

  1. Click on "Statistics" in the center menu guide within the activity.
  2. The statistics show you additional key figures on your individual learning behavior and on the number and quality of the questions you created in relation to overall statistics.

The columns of the statistics table should be understood as follows:

  • Number of questions you contributed / Number of all questions in this StudentQuiz: Number of those questions that were created by yourself or by all participants.
  • Number of your confirmed questions / Number of confirmed questions: Number of those questions whose status was set to "confirmed" Confirmed symbol by the manager. The status of all questions of the StudentQuiz can be found in the question overview in column S (= status).
  • Your average rating received / Average rating of all questions: Depending on the configuration you have made, when answering a question you will be asked to rate it from 1 (= very bad) to 5 stars (= very good). In the rating column of the question overview, you can see the average rating of a question by all participants in the blue background bar ("Community Rating") Star rating. The stars, on the other hand, indicate your own rating ("My rating"). For the average rating received, an average is formed from the "Community ratings". The "Community Ratings" are weighted equally. A question that has been rated 10 times, for example, is therefore included in the average calculation in the same proportion as a question for which there are only 2 ratings.
  • Number of all your answers / Community Average of all answers: Total number of all answers given in all quiz attempts. If a question was answered multiple times in multiple attempts, all answers from all attempts are counted. Note: For the calculation of the points for the user ranking it is irrelevant how often a question was answered, because only the last attempt is counted.
  • Proportion of correct answers / Community Proportion of correct answers: Proportion of correct answers from all quiz attempts. If a question was answered multiple times in several attempts, all answers from all attempts are taken into account for determining the proportion. Note: For the calculation of the points for the user ranking it is irrelevant how often a question was answered correctly, because only the last attempt is evaluated.
  • Personal Progress / Average Community Progress: Percentage of all questions available in the StudentQuiz that have already been answered correctly. 100% is reached when all questions of the last attempt have been answered correctly.


    Only the answers from the last attempt in each case are used to determine personal progress. This means that regressive course progress is also possible. This happens if you answer a previously correctly answered question incorrectly in a follow-up attempt.

    Newly added questions also lead to lower course progress as long as they have not yet been answered. The same applies to questions marked as hidden Hidden symbol that have already been answered before being hidden. As long as they are hidden, they are not taken into account for the course progress. If they are set to visible Visible symbol again, they will be counted again for the course progress.

    Personal progress of 100% is therefore not to be understood as a permanent static state. The achieved value can change at any time as long as the number and composition of the questions available in the StudentQuiz have not been finalized.


3. User ranking

The anonymized user rankings are intended to challenge students and show the positions of individual participants.


3.1. Participant ranking list

Click on "Ranking" in the center menu to open the participant ranking. The sum of all ranking points determines the position within the group.

The participant ranking shows the following columns:

  • Rank
  • Full name
  • Total points
  • Points for questions published
  • Points for approved questions
  • Points for stars received (question rating)
  • Points for the latest correct attempts
  • Points for the latest wrong attempts
  • Personal progress

Participant ranking from the manager's perspective:


Anonymized participant rankings from a student's perspective:



In the StudentQuiz administration, the option "Anonymize participants" is activated under the evaluation settings. Students are therefore shown the points but not the names of the other participants. The setting cannot be changed for privacy reasons. Lecturers, on the other hand, are shown the names of all participants in the ranking list.

3.2. Calculation basis for ranking points

The calculation base shows the name, factor and description of the five criteria whose evaluation is the basis for the ranking points. The number of points awarded for each criterion is determined by the managers in the StudentQuiz administration.


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