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Anonymity in RWTHmoodle

Anonymity in RWTHmoodle


Some learning activities in RWTHmoodle also allow anonymous contributions, such as the Anonymous Forum or PDF Annotation. However, "anonymity" in RWTHmoodle is not synonymous with complete anonymity. Depending on the activity, only students do not see the names of contributors, while teachers are shown this information. In other activities, anonymity can be removed under certain conditions.


In some learning activities in RWTHmoodle, the names of the authors of contributions are not displayed to other students, but managers can see the names, either directly in the activity or, for example, via grades that are assigned for contributions to the activity. Sometimes the names are not displayed simply because of the selected mode of the activity, which can be overridden by selecting an alternative mode. These activities include

Some other learning activities in RWTHmoodle allow contributions that are anonymous in a broader sense. These include

However, an anonymous post in these activities is not completely anonymous, as the person who created it is stored in the RWTHmoodle database for each post. The name of the person is not shown to anyone in the course or, as with the anonymous forum, only to the person who created the post. However, people with access to the RWTHmoodle database can, if necessary, resolve who created the post. Only the administrators of RWTHmoodle are authorized to do this. They may only access and release the data in justified cases of complaint. The prerequisite for this is a violation of the RWTHmoodle terms of use and the netiquette guidelines for RWTHmoodle or of applicable law in general. Furthermore, the data is only disclosed to appropriately authorized bodies in case of a complaint, for example the Data Protection Office, the Legal Department of the Central University Administration or the staff council committees.

RWTHmoodle can also use the entries its database to track whether the set activity completion criterie have already been met. RWTHmoodle only shows the respective user himself or herself whether an activity has already been completed. Only in justified exceptional cases and if there is a corresponding legal basis will managers be given access to the activity completion report. In this case, it must be transparently explained in the course room that this option is being used.

By skillfully combining activities in the course room, managers may also draw conclusions about authorship if necessary. However, to support a trusting cooperation, managers should not make use of this possibility.


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