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Life cycle of course rooms

Life cycle of course rooms


For technical and data protection reasons, a life cycle applies to the course rooms in RWTHmoodle, i.e. they are regularly deleted along with all the data they contain. The duration of the life cycle depends on the type of course room.


1. Course rooms with connection to RWTHonline

RWTHmoodle course rooms with connection to RWTHonline can be used for six semesters after their creation. After that, they are deleted with all content.

Users are informed of the deletion several weeks before the deletion date by e-mail and information banner in RWTHmoodle and can download the learning materials still required, for example, bundled in a ZIP folder using the Download Center. Managers can also back up entire course rooms or move their content to new course rooms via course import and reuse it there.


2. Course rooms with connection to the event database Antrago

Events for training and staff development by ExAcT, CDS and other providers can be entered into the event database for staff development via the event management system Antrago. Course rooms can be created in RWTHmoodle for the training and continuing education courses directly from Antrago. A deletion date can be specified here. In the case of repeat events, managers can import content that is still required into the new course room for the repeat event before the old course room is deleted.


3. Manually created course rooms

In case of course rooms that are created manually by the RWTHmoodle administration upon request, the course room will be deleted after consultation. For data protection reasons, the managers of these course rooms are required to regularly purge the participant lists of these course rooms of persons who no longer belong to these course rooms. Upon request, a self-enrolment can be set up to help keep the participant list up to date.

If a manually created course room is created in the course category of a semester, it simply follows the life cycle of the standard RWTHonline-bound course rooms, deviating from the outlined model.


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