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Social conventions for messaging (Chatiquette)

Social conventions for messaging (Chatiquette)


In order to ensure pleasant and friendly interaction, we ask that certain rules be observed:

  • Objective style - We place particular emphasis on an objective style and a polite and respectful tone.
  • No insults - Insults and personal attacks are unnecessary and will be removed.
  • No inappropriate posts - Posts that are discriminatory, anti-constitutional, demagogic, illegal, pornographic, extremist, racist, vulgar, disparaging, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • No advertising, no spam - Spam, advertising, and other commercial content and offers from third parties are also not desired.
  • Active Participation - Participation in the group determines your attitude. Participate actively and do not ignore the posts of others.
  • Liability - We assume no responsibility or liability for comments or links posted by users.


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last changed on 09/07/2023

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