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Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications


Notifications inform users about events in RWTHmoodle, such as

  • new posts in subscribed forums,
  • Changes to appointments in the appointment planner or
  • new questions in the PDF Annotator.

In RWTHmoodle these are divided into web notifications (displayed directly in RWTHmoodle) and email notifications.

When you make settings for notifications, they apply across course rooms.


1. Display of web notifications

The web notifications appear behind the bell symbol Bell symbol in the black bar at the top right (top bar). When new web notifications have been received, a number appears on the edge of the bell Bell symbol with a number.

Click on the bell to read the notification. This opens the notification menu in which the notifications are listed. Clicking on a notification will take you directly to the associated activity.

With a click on the blue check mark  Check mark all messages are marked as read.

Screenshot: Display of notifications under system messages


2. Email notifications

Email notifications will be sent to the Names and e-mail addresses.


3. Setting the type of notification

In many cases, users can decide for themselves what type of notification is preferred for new events. The selected default settings are only a recommendation.

To adjust the settings, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the notification menu via the bell in the top bar and then click on the gearwheel symbol in the top right corner Geer wheel. This opens the page for the notification settings.
    Screenshot: Notifications settings
  2. By clicking on the buttons labelled "On" and "Off" the corresponding notification type can be activated or deactivated. In addition, you can set whether the respective notification should be sent offline, online or in both cases. After clicking the button, the setting is immediately applied.

Some notification settings are enabled and disabled by default. Users cannot change these. This ensures that important messages from the teaching staff reach the students.


4. Notification on newly uploaded files

It is not possible to be informed about newly uploaded files. However, they are displayed in the "New activities" block in the dashboard or directly in the learning room for selectable periods of time.


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