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General info on H5P

General info on H5P


H5P is the abbreviation for "HTML5 Package". With this package you can create visually appealing interactive videos, tests and presentations. The content is based on HTML5 and can be created quickly and easily directly in the web browser. In total, H5P offers over 40 different content types to choose from.

Managers can also download the H5P content and either reuse it themselves or share it with other interested parties on various other platforms. All relevant copyright or Creative Commons-licensing information is stored directly in the H5P content and remains intact when shared.

Existing H5P content, for example those created free of charge on or for a fee on, can be embedded in RWTHmoodle by linking to the appropriate URL or by uploading the appropriate file into RWTHmoodle.

Since Moodle Version 3.9, H5P content is centrally created in a course room-related Content bank and from there linked or copied to the desired location in the course room. An attempt history for H5P activities with integrated quiz questions and extended assessment options are also new with the 3.9 integration.



For technical reasons we advise you not to use quiz elements in H5P content for granting bonus points for exams or admission to examinations. Please use the Moodle activity "Quiz" for this. Please use H5P quiz elements only for formative assessment, i.e. independent and self-controlled comprehension checking.

A content type often used for independent and self-controlled comprehension checking is "Interactive video".


The often used content type "Interactive video" allows you to integrate videos in two different ways:

  • link a video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • upload a video as a file directly to the H5P content

Both variants have their specific advantages and disadvantages. If the link to the video in YouTube oder Vimeo changes the video in your H5P content cannot be played anymore. On the other hand, the maximum file size limit for RWTHmoodle is 250MB which also limits your options in H5P.

Using videos from the Opencast streaming server of RWTH Aachen is currently not possible.



If you have created the videos linked from YouTube or Vimeo yourself and used third-party materials, please respect the copyright. This also applies to so-called "unlisted" videos on YouTube, which are merely more difficult to find, but whose link can be passed on and which can be played without login. Therefore, these videos are not protected by passwords or similar access control. With regard to the use of copyrighted material, these would have to be treated differently from hidden but still freely accessible videos.


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