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Change permissions for students

Change permissions for students


Managers can override certain permissions by students:

  • Viewing the list of participants
  • Viewing the contact details of their own group members in groups up to a maximum of 10 people (except for LV groups synchronized from RWTHonline).

The permissions are withdrawn or granted via the list of participants.


To adjust the permissions for students, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "More" in the center menu and select "Change permissions for tutors or students".
    Selecting "Change permissions for tutors or students"in the center menu
  2. In the "Select role(s)" drop-down menu, select the roles "Students and other participants".
  3. In the dropdown menu "Choose role(s)", choose "Students and Extra users".
  4. Deselect one or both of the options "Show list of participants" or "View data of group members" respectively.
    Permissions for role students


    If the option "Show participant list" is deactivated, students will not be able to see the contact information of the other group members, even if the checkbox next to the option "View data of group members" is set. If students are to be shown the names and email addresses of the other group members, it is therefore imperative that both checkboxes are ticked. Since displaying the participant list is a necessary prerequisite for being able to show contact data to the other group members at all, a deactivated checkbox inevitably leads to all participant information being completely hidden from the course participants, regardless of whether the checkmark next to "View data of group members" is set or not.
  5. Apply the adjustments with "Save changes".


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