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General Information on MFA

Multifactor-Authentication (MFA) describes a procedure which requires the users to confirm their login to a service via a separate application or a separate medium or device. This increases the security of the systems used and can protect users from data misuse.

The following RWTH services are MFA-protected:

The MFA at RWTH uses so-called tokens. The tokens are created in the Token Manager in the IdM Selfservice.

The MFA is set up in two steps:

  1. Creation of a Tan list (one-time security code)
  2. Creation of one or more additional tokens.

If you lose access to your second token, you can use a code from the TAN list as a backup to log in to a protected service or to access the token manager to create a different token.

You can create and use the following token types:

    To log in to an MFA-protected service, proceed as follows:

    • Log in to the service with your login details;
    • Enter a one-time security code that you have generated using the token.